Annual Report 2009, no. 2 - 2010

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This Report describes the activity performed by the Italian Financial Intelligence Unit in 2009 as part of the system serving to prevent and combat money laundering and the financing of international terrorism.

Article 6(5) of Legislative Decree 231/2007, as amended by Legislative Decree 151/2009 provides for the Report to be transmitted to Parliament via the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, accompanied by a report prepared by the Bank of Italy on the financial and other resources made available to the Unit.

The opinion of the Committee of Experts referred to in Article 6(4) of Legislative Decree 231/2007 was not rendered since this body, established by a Ministerial Decree dated 4 August 2009, only became operational in 2010.

The Report discusses the evolution of international and national legislation in the field of preventing and combating money laundering and the financing of international terrorism and gives an account of the Italian Financial Intelligence Unit’s activity with special reference to the financial analysis of suspicious transaction reports, the analysis of aggregate data, inspections, investigating irregularities and bringing charges, and international cooperation and collaboration with the judicial authorities.

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