He was born in Cagliari on 1 July 1959. In 1982, he graduated with honours in Law from the University of Cagliari and wrote a thesis on industrial law. In 1985, he qualified to practise law.

He joined the Bank of Italy in the same year and worked at the Sassari Branch. He was later transferred to the Cagliari Main Regional Branch - where, among other things, he carried out economic research and edited the Bank's report on economic development in Sardinia for several years - and then moved to the Nuoro Subsidiary Branch. In 2000, he became Head of the Supervision Division at the Florence Main Regional Branch. In 2005, he was appointed Deputy Manager of the Modena Branch and became the contact person for staff training in the Emilia Romagna region.

In 2008, he was assigned to the newly formed Financial Intelligence Unit for Italy, where he became Head of the Suspicious Transactions Division II.

As a senior manager at the Unit, he was in charge of analysis for the Suspicious Transactions Division since 2010 and helped to develop the RADAR system for the collection and analysis of AML data.

From 27 October 2014 to 30 April 2020, he was Head of the Suspicious Transactions Directorate, where he coordinated the collection and in-depth analysis of suspicious transaction reports and threshold-based communication.

As of 1 May 2020, he is the Deputy Director of the UIF.

He has published several papers on commercial and banking law. He has worked with the commercial law departments in the Faculties of Law and Economics and Business at the University of Cagliari. He was a lecturer (fixed-term contract) in commercial law at the University of Sassari.