Anna Maria Antonietta Carriero

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Born in Montescaglioso on 6 March 1959, she graduated in law with honours from the University of Bari and then qualified to practice law.

She joined the Bank of Italy in 1983, and after brief stints at the Treviso branch and the Credit System Information Department, she spent most of her professional career - from 1987 to August 2015 - within the Banking and Financial Supervision Area of the Bank’s Head Office in Rome. She contributed to the proposed legislation on the privatization and reform of the Italian banking system and on bank transparency and she also participated in drafting the Consolidated Law on Banking and the Consolidated Law on Finance. She was then charged with cooperation with other Authorities and with overseeing the sanction procedures; to this end she took part in the work of the committees established by the memorandum of understanding with Consob; she also represented the Bank of Italy in its delegation to the Financial Action Task Force.

For three years she headed the division responsible for crisis management procedures for banks and financial intermediaries. In 2013 she was appointed to a third-level management position, where she was responsible for coordinating the sanction procedures; in January 2014 she was appointed Deputy Head of the Licensing and Resolution Directorate.

Since September 2015, she is the Head of the Analysis and Institutional Relations Directorate in Italy's Financial Intelligence Unit.

She has spoken at many conferences on banking and financial legislation and anti-money-laundering legislation; during a conference in Vienna, organized by the World Bank, she reported on the new regulations related to the resolution of bank crises. She is the author of various publications on banking, finance, and civil and criminal law. She was a visiting professor at the Federico II University of Naples, teaching a course on banking and financial legislation. She is a member of the degree committee for the Research Doctorate Program for Chartered Accountants at the Federico II University of Naples.