Newsletter No. 1 - 2020. Suspicious Transaction Reports - 2nd semester 2019

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The new issue of the UIF's newsletter has been published, containing a brief summary of the main activities and the results achieved by the Unit in the second half of 2019.

In this period, the UIF received 54,621 suspicious transaction reports (STRs), a 12.2 per cent increase over the same period the previous year, mostly due to reports sent by electronic money institutions and by Banks and Poste Italiane SpA.

The transactions reported exceeded €49 billion (over €46 billion pertaining to transactions actually executed), against about €45 billion in the second semester of 2018.

In 2019, the UIF received 105,789 STRs overall, with a 7.9 per cent increase over the previous year. There was an even bigger increase in the reports analysed (8.4 per cent, for a total of 106,318 STRs), which meant that the backlog was reduced to an all-time low.