The UIF receives the 'Award of excellence - Best Egmont Case 2018'

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The UIF has won the special 'Award of Excellence 2018' for one of the best cases of international cooperation between FIUs. The prize was awarded by the World Bank as part of the StAR - Stolen Asset Recovery project.

The prize-giving took place during the Best Egmont Case Award (BECA) competition organized by EGMONT.

The winning case dealt with the misappropriation of funds belonging to public bodies under judicial insolvency procedures, perpetrated by the state-owned company responsible for managing the funds, and is published in Quaderno Antiriciclaggio (Anti-Money-Laundering Paper) No.11 'Cases of money laundering and financing of terrorism', July 2018.

The cases that took part in the competition will be included in the next edition of the 'BECA Book', edited by Egmont, which collects a selection of the important cases encountered by the FIUs during the course of their activities.

For further details on the StAR project, see the World Bank's newsletter for October 2018: